5 Best GarageBand Alternatives for Android (FREE) 2022

Best Garageband alternatives for Android: Making music -whether for a living or as a hobby, is a great way to unleash your creative ideas and feelings. This is made even more straightforward and more uncomplicated through the latest technology.

Best Garageband Alternatives

Yes, you can create excellent foot tapping music or serene and soothing tunes with your Android device’s help. However, many may brush this off by saying that they do not have access to GarageBand since it is only for Mac and iOS platforms.

GarageBand is a full-fledged all-in-one band and is considered the pioneer of music-making apps. It is unrivaled till today. Still, there are some excellent alternatives to Garageband available for Android users.

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5 Best Garageband Alternatives for Android

In this article, I have listed some of the best GarageBand Alternatives for Android, which are available today. So without further ADO, let’s get started-


This app allows the user to connect the guitar to the phone and enjoy virtual pedals and amplifiers. It also offers many instruments (close to 50) such as Keyboard, drums, guitar, drum machine, etc., on the Home page itself.

Garageband Alternatives

The option to change the settings is also available. In addition, the pro version is available, which does not have ads. A striking feature of this Walk Band is that it has a multi-track synth. This makes it the best alternative to GarageBand for Android.

By using this feature, many instruments can be used. In addition, there is an option to record and import audio and MIDI tracks which can be layered together. This band has received an award as the “Editor’s Choice” on the Google Play Store.

Another fact is that this app has more than 50 million downloads. This proves that the Walk band is one of the best GarageBand Alternatives for Android. I have also shared these cool whatsapp tricks.


The Caustic 3 is the best GarageBand alternative for Android and enjoys a lot of goodwill among its users. This app has been specifically developed with the mobile in mind. So, it is very responsive and does not crash suddenly.

Garageband Alternatives for Android

Browsing between synths is made simple by just swiping on the sidebar. This app is ideal for those primarily interested in Electronica. It has lots of effects, parametric equalizers, and sequencers to enable song modification.

The Caustic 3 apps are beneficial for an electronic musician who will find them very handy. If though you are more on the singer-songwriter side, then it is better to choose another app. Another downside is that this app does not allow export unless a nominal amount is paid to unlock it.


The Groovepad has a lot of similar features to GarageBand. It is designed to bring out the creativity in you. For instance, it has multiple pads which you can tap. There is also a vast library of hip-hop, EDM, Dubstep, Electronica, and so on to choose from.

Garageband Alternative apps

Also, different effects such as delay, flanger, reverb features are provided. Moreover, it has the smoothest voice effects and tunes. For beginners, who need to get used to making music, this app is ideal.

It has progressive lessons which are unlocked one by one after completion. The downside is that some sounds are not free. However, the pro version can be purchased for a nominal price.

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As the name itself suggests, this app has excellent beats to offer. The user can tap on any pad and add multiple sounds, all in sync. This app is more like a DAW and delivers about 4 audio channels such as drums, bass, chords, and lead.

best Garageband Alternatives

Moreover, Drum loops can be created using pattern pads and sketch bass lines, melodies, chord progressions, etc. The significant part of this app is that it can be synced with other similar music-making apps such as Ableton Link.

Some features such as demo tracks for beginners, musical scale, which automatically sets notes, chords, etc., are available. This is a free app. However, loading or saving the tracks is only possible in the Pro version, which is available for a small price.


A strong contender as the best Garageband Alternative for Android is the 1 Guitar Effects Pedals, Guitar Amp. This is because other apps are limited in their features for Android users when compared with the PC.

Garageband for Android

This particular app turns the Android device into a Guitar Effect processor (stompbox). This app provides 2 pedals such as classic overdrive metal complex distortion, tremolo, etc. Besides, 15 amplifier simulations are offered.

Amps such as Dual Recto, AC30, Tangerine rocker 100, and more are available. All this is packed in a user-friendly interface wherein you can drag and drop to load pedals quickly.

Final Verdict

Whether you are a new entrant in music or a seasoned expert, you can make great music by taking a little help from the above best GarageBand alternatives for Android. In addition, there are other great apps such as FL Studio, Audio Evolution, Songmaker, etc.

Some of the apps’ functionality and performance will be affected due to the OS version and hardware of the individual Android device. But overall, the above apps are great to use. So, go ahead and unleash your creativity and mesmerize everyone with beautiful and melodic music.

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