FMWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 10.06 (Updated)

Are you looking for the FMWhatsApp APK 10.06 latest version for Android? If yes, then you have stumbled upon the correct webpage. I will share the links to download the latest version of the FM WhatsApp app in today’s article. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

FMWhatsApp APK

WhatsApp is amongst the most popular instant messaging applications globally, with the highest number of active users.

One of the main reasons behind the immense popularity of WhatsApp is its end-to-end encryption that allows ultra-secure communication and other intriguing features.

We have also shared the popular versions of WhatsApp mods, such as GBWhatsApp Apk and YOWhatsApp latest version for Android phones.

What is FMWhatsApp Apk?

Due to WhatsApp’s high popularity, many developers have developed modified versions of WhatsApp. However, these mods usually have more features unavailable in the stock WhatsApp application.


FM WhatsApp is one such WhatsApp Mod application with dozens of cool features not available in the official WhatsApp application. It was named after its developer, Fouad Mokdad. That’s why FMWhatsApp 10.06 is also popular with the names such as Fouad WhatsApp, FMWA, and more.

WhatsApp FM app is quite popular because it allows users to customize WhatsApp’s interface to their satisfaction. For example, users can customize chat bubbles, fonts, color themes, and more. Not only that, but users can install pre-designed themes as well.

Additionally, many other features are present in this modified FM WhatsApp APK. Below we have mentioned some of the best features of FMWA.

App NameFMWhatsApp
Size69 MB
DeveloperFouad Mokdad
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Download FMWhatsApp Apk 10.06 Latest Version

To download FMWhatsApp APK, you need to tap on the download button mentioned below. That will redirect you to the direct links of the FM WhatsApp app. Within a couple of seconds, your download will get started.

Once completed, you will be just one step away from using the FM WhatsApp APK on your smartphone.

Disclaimer: If you face any issues downloading the FMWA APK 10.06 file or with the download link, please report it to us by leaving a comment below. Our team will look at the issue and try to fix the problem ASAP.


JT WhatsApp


Note: If you are facing the issue “Switch to official Whatsapp,” backup your data ASAP and wait for the new version update, which is coming soon. If you cannot use the app, move your backup to official WhatsApp and use it until the latest update is released.

You can check out these cool WhatsApp tricks on Android if you want to use messenger-type chat bubbles.

How to Install FM WhatsApp App on Android?

Even though the installation process of FMWhatsApp APK is pretty straightforward and similar to other mod applications, some people face issues with the installation.

If you are also facing issues or want to avoid them, you can follow the below-mentioned step-by-step guide to install FM WhatsApp 10.06 on your smartphone very easily. However, if you have no problem installing the app, you can skip this section entirely. You must follow these simple steps to install FMWA APK on Android smartphones.

Prerequisite: Before proceeding with the installation of the app, make sure you have no other WhatsApp app (stock or modded except FMWhatsApp) installed on your smartphone.


If you have any other WhatsApp installed on your smartphone, uninstall it first. Otherwise, this FMWA APK will show an installation error.


Now, head over to your smartphone’s Settings > Security and scroll down until you find the installation from the third-party sources option and enable it.

FM WhatsApp



Now, open the download folder and tap on the FMWhatsApp APK file to begin the installation process.

FM WhatsApp Download


It will ask you to give some permission. It is necessary to allow them to avoid any installation issues.

Download FMWhatsApp


The FMWhatsApp will get installed on your smartphone within a couple of seconds.

FMWhatsApp Download

That’s it. After a successful installation, you can use the FM WhatsApp app on your smartphone without any issues.

Account registration on Fouad WhatsApp is similar to registering for a simple WhatsApp account. First, you need to enter your mobile number, and after OTP verification, you will be all set to use FMWA on your smartphone.

The best thing about FMWhatsApp is that it supports WhatsApp’s chat backup, meaning you will not lose chat data. Unfortunately, even though it is not a great feature, many other mod WhatsApp applications lack it, which is terrible.

Features of FM Whatsapp App

FMWhatsApp APK comes with dozens of cool features, and writing all of them here will make this article very lengthy. Therefore, we will only share the best features of the app below.

Customization: FMWhatsApp is quite popular for its customization features. It allows you to customize every pixel of your screen, from changing fonts and icons to completely changing color themes. Additionally, you can download and install pre-designed themes from the theme store.


The theme store of FM WhatsApp features thousands of excellent themes designed by other users and developers. In addition, you can customize your theme and upload it to the theme library.

Freeze Last Seen: Are you worried about your last seen and want nobody to know about it? Stock WhatsApp does have a feature that allows you to hide your last seen, but after enabling that, you will not be able to see the last seen of other people.


Fortunately, the app allows you to freeze your last seen. This will enable you to select a random time as your last seen, which will be visible as your last seen to other people. But the good thing is that you can see your contacts’ last seen.

Enable Stealth Mode: With stock WhatsApp, you can disable the read receipt option to avoid sending the blue tick, but after doing this, you also stop receiving blue ticks. While it is okay for some people, some can’t control their curiosity. For such people, FMWhatsApp 10.06 offers a couple of great options.

FM WhatsApp

  • You can altogether disable the read receipt, but you will still get notified whenever somebody reads your messages or WhatsApp statuses.
  • You can hide both delivered and read receipt options. After enabling this, the sender would never know whether their messages have been delivered or not. The same goes for the read receipts too.
  • Another thing that you can do is enable blue ticks after reply. After enabling this, your friend will see the read receipt when you reply instead of reading their message. In my opinion, this is the best option, especially for those who don’t want to hurt people yet cannot compromise with their busy schedules.

Hide Activity Status: Freezing last seen is good, but do you want to hide that you are online? In the recent update, FM WhatsApp 10.06 included an option that allows you to hide your activity status. This will hide your online status and hide your typing and recording status.

FM WhatsApp App

Message people without saving their number: It comes with a handy feature that lets you send text messages to people without sending their numbers. To do that, you need to tap on the three-dot icon from the top right corner of the screen and select the message a number option.

FM WhatsApp APK

After that, you need to enter the number, and you are good to go. This feature is beneficial for situations where you only want to send messages once.

Select contacts who can call you: Sometimes, it gets annoying when people start calling you instead of texting them. This feature can be convenient if you also get irritated by WhatsApp calls. This feature allows you to select contacts who can place calls to you. Anybody not on the list will not be able to call you but can send messages like normal.

FM WhatsApp

Disable forwarded tag: Whenever you forward a message to someone or a group, those messages get marked as forwarded. Such tags can be irritating sometimes. However, the good thing is that FMWA 10.06 lets you disable the forward tag altogether.


Read deleted messages: Since WhatsApp has introduced the “delete for everyone” feature, many people have started overusing it. Even though it doesn’t matter most of the time, it gets pretty annoying when somebody deletes a message you haven’t read yet. Therefore, many prefer using third-party applications to recover deleted messages in such situations.

FMWhatsApp apk

However, using such apps can put your privacy at risk. This is why I don’t recommend using such applications in the first place. Thankfully, FMWhatsApp APK has this built-in feature that keeps a backup of deleted messages on your smartphone. Not only that, but you can also see deleted WhatsApp statuses.

Download WhatsApp Statuses: Another common question among the WhatsApp community is downloading WhatsApp statuses. To download statuses, some people use third-party applications.

FMWhatsApp Latest Version

Fortunately, FMWA understood the need, and in the recent update, they included a feature that allows you to download WhatsApp statuses directly from the top right corner of your screen. The best thing about FM WhatsApp is that it can also help you download deleted WhatsApp statuses.


infographics about fmwa


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FMWhatsApp APK 10.06 is amongst some of the most popular WhatsApp Mods on the internet. The main reason behind such immense popularity is the features you can only see on this mod WhatsApp application, which cannot be found on stock WhatsApp, at least soon.

Another good thing about Fouad APK is its regularly updated security and features. Unfortunately, most WhatsApp Mods don’t do that, so you end up having a dated WhatsApp version with dozens of bugs.

However, since the FM WhatsApp app has been modified, it is unavailable on Google Play Store. Therefore, the only way to download and update the app is by downloading and updating it from third-party sources.

You can bookmark this page to get the updated version of FMWhatsApp every time it is released. With that said, here I am wrapping up this article. I hope you find it helpful. If you have any questions, please shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will try to answer ASAP.