JTWhatsApp Apk v9.94 Download For Android (July 2024)

Download JTWhatsApp Apk v9.94 for Android: Apart from all the various things you can do using a modern smartphone, getting in touch with your friends and family is one of the most common. And this not only includes voice calls and video calls, but you can even text everyone to start a conversation right away.

JTWhatsApp APK

This is made possible thanks to a large number of messaging and texting apps available for smartphones out there. But since a messaging app is only helpful if all of your friends and family also use the same, the JT WhatsApp app is one of the most popular options.

No matter who you want to talk with, it is highly likely that they will also have WhatsApp installed on their smartphone in the current year. WhatsApp is highly popular for its massive user base and because it offers all sorts of features.

This app allows you to send text messages, voice notes, media files, and documents, place voice and video calls, and do much more. More importantly, you can enjoy all these functions alongside all sorts of handy features and options.

Although, for a power user, the features included in the stock WhatsApp might be limited. As a result, various mod versions of WhatsApp feature even more features and options. Some of these mods are the GBWhatsApp app, YO WhatsApp apk, FMWhatsApp app, etc.

And one such great mod of WhatsApp you can consider using is the JTWhatsApp apk. It offers all the functionality and features of the stock WhatsApp app and even more features and customizations as it is a modified version. If you also want to try the same on your Android device, this guide is just for you.

Today, we will look at downloading JT WhatsApp 9.63 for Android. We have even given extensive information about what WhatsApp JT is for Android and how to install it on Android. So, go through this guide until the end if you want to use the app on your Android device.

What is JTWhatsApp APK?

While we have covered the basics of a mod version of WhatsApp, you may still want to learn more about JTWhatsApp APK before using it on your smartphone. For starters, JT WhatsApp is a customized version of WhatsApp’s top-rated messaging app.


This means that with JTWA, you get many more additional features and options resulting in a great user experience. One of the best things about JTWhatsApp v9.94 is that it supports custom themes and extensive user interface customization options. Because of this, it can be changed to any look and feel you want.

It makes your WhatsApp experience unique and makes it custom and easy to use specifically for you. You also get other handy options like higher-quality media support besides theming options. You can easily send photos and videos without any compression and long video durations.

But the best thing about mods like JTWA apk is that they include many custom privacy features. Whether it’s disabling blue ticks just for your contacts and not you or being able to read revoked messages, JT WhatsApp offers it all.

You also get other benefits like viewing status without a view, disabling online status, switching to airplane mode just for WhatsApp, and much more. With these settings and options, you can easily protect your online privacy, which is impossible with the stock WhatsApp app to the same extent.

App NameJTWhatsApp
Size77 MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago
App TypeWhatsApp Mod

Download JTWhatsApp APK v9.94 Latest Version

After checking out all of these details and information about the WhatsApp JT for Android, the chances are that you would also want to try out the same on your smartphone. Unfortunately, even though it is free to use without showing any ads to the user, JT WhatsApp download and installation are not the same as other Android apps.

This is due to the reason that the app is not available on the Google Play Store. It is a mod version of the original WhatsApp app; it is against Google Play Store policies. And thus, downloading and installing JTWA is impossible from the Google Play Store.

Fortunately, that is not an issue, as Android allows you to install any third-party app of your choice using its APK file. These APK files are essentially app installer files similar to the EXE installer files found on Android.



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In other words, you can download and install WhatsApp+ JiMODs on your Android device. However, while doing that, you must be extra careful about downloading the correct version.

It is a top-rated app with various versions available out there. And if you want the best experience while using the APK, you need to download the latest version of this app since only the latest version offers all the features and options.

Hence, we have the link to download JTWhatsApp apk 9.94

latest version. You can quickly get the APK file by going to this download link.

How to Install JT WhatsApp App on Android Smartphones?

Now that you know everything about the JTWhatsApp app for using it to its full extent and have the APK file downloaded on your smartphone, you would want to use it immediately on your device.

JT Whatsapp

And to do the same, you can install the APK just like any third-party app on your smartphone. Although, if you are not familiar with side-loading third-party apps, that is, installing apps using their APK files, this can be a little confusing.

Hence, we are here with a complete guide on how to install JT WhatsApp on your smartphone. You can go through these steps one by one to successfully install the JTWA app for Android on your device:

Prerequisites: You will need a few things to install JTWhatsApp for Android on your smartphone successfully. You will require the JTWhatsApp APK file and any file explorer of your choice to install this APK file and install unknown apps on your smartphone. 


Since we downloaded the APK file earlier in this guide, let’s proceed to the file explorer section. You can download and install any file explorer app on your smartphone, like Files by Google or ES File explorer.

JT Whatsapp


After downloading and installing a file explorer app, you need to enable the installation of unknown apps on your smartphone. And to do the same, go to your device’s Settings app. Here, go to the Security menu or the Search option to look up the Install Unknown Apps option.

JTWhatsapp download



Then, enable this option to install unknown apps on your Android smartphone.

unknown sources installation

JT Whatsapp download


Once that is done, open the same file explorer app on your smartphone and head over to the Downloads folder or the location where you have the JT WhatsApp APK file located.

download jtwhatsapp


After you have found the APK file, open it and allow all of the required permissions to start installing this app. The JTWA will be successfully installed on your smartphone within a few seconds. You can then open the app and proceed with the initial setup similar to the stock WhatsApp app for Android.

JTWhatsapp apk

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A modern smartphone will allow you to perform all sorts of functions, whether Android or iOS. An Android device can get an even better experience using essential messaging apps like WhatsApp.

This is possible because Android allows you to install third-party apps on your smartphone, including mod versions of certain apps. Such mod versions add even more features to essential messaging apps like WhatsApp.

We have already discussed one such mod up above, which happens to be the JTWhatsApp apk. And to help you use the same on your smartphone, we have also given detailed instructions about how to proceed with the JT WhatsApp download.

You can find a complete guide on installing it on Android and learn more about the app. If this guide helps you get a better WhatsApp experience with JTWA, then leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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